Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dollar Tree Deals!

  If any of you live by a Dollar Tree, they put out a good portion of their teacher supplies this week!  Yippee!  Below are some of my sweet finds!

Side note: I realize these are not for an interactive smart board, but who doesn't like super cheap things??!

Second side note:  If anyone has fun ideas of ways to use these materials, comment below!!

Foam Book Marks (10 for $1): I'm thinking glue and glitter to decorate these on one of the first days?!?

Classroom Management Signs (4 for $1): I thought these would be something nice to use every once in awhile, or when a sore throat is starting :)

 Fun Signs: ($1 each) At our school we each have a small space outside our rooms where we hang the students names.  I thought these would be a great center piece at different times of the year.

Math Word Strips (30 for $1):  They also had Social Studies, Kindergarten Sight Words, 1st grade sight words, 2nd grade sight words, 3rd grade sight words, and science ones.  I have a math vocab word every week and I thought this would be a great and easy way to make a word wall in my classroom (and easy!)

Homework Passes: My classes FAVORITE birthday presents!

State word strips and capital word strips: ($1 each) I'm already cooking up some fun matching games to use these for!  Any ideas you'd like to share?!?

Hall Passes ($1 each for a girl one and boy one)  I just think these are nasty at the end of the year, so I get new ones every year :)

Mr. Potato Head Stickers: ($1 for a huge packet)  My class LOVES's  such an easy way to give them a little something extra sometimes.


  1. My kids love stickers too, especially the scratch and sniff ones! Have you ever checked JoAnn's for stickers? They always have cute holiday ones for pretty cheap. :-)

  2. Nice finds! One thing I always do is put bathroom passes on a lanyard long enough to go around their necks. I worry that if both hands are occupied using the facilities they might put the pass down on the floor and well...ick! Around the neck keeps it out of the way and off the floor.

    Minds in Bloom

  3. Popping by to say Hi. You were spotlighted in my Blog Mix Linky Party.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  4. Rachel: I have them set the pass by the hand sanitaizer on the counter, then when they come back they have to sanitize their hands. That way I can still see if someone is gone but it doesn't go with them...I'm with you on the germ thing!

    Kim: I'm definitely going to check out Jo

    Yearn to Learn: THANKS for spotlighting me! I'm going to join the linky party once I'm back from vacation.


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