Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! Blabberize!

I can not believe how behind I am. Seriously.  My students have just finished up a unit on Colonial America.  To end the unit they had to write a speech as if they were a colonial child during that time.  They had to pick their colony, where they lived (farm, plantation, town, etc), and their speech had to accurately reflect that.  They somehow had to sneak in something about their economy, geography, education, daily life, and politics.  They did SUCH a great job!  Then...for the FUN PART! 


You upload a photo, place a mouth, record your speech, and tada!  Your photo speaks! So, so, so cool!  Since this I've used blabberize to introduce units, tell my students important announcements when I'm sick, and review units.  Currently they are working on blabberizing an animal to explain what kind of ecosystem it lives in.  

*You do need to login.  I used my email and a very generic password and all my students share.  That way I have access to them to grade them.


Have fun!  Share ideas below!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skeletal System

Here's a fun website to use when learning about the skeletal system, or for a fun activity on Halloween!

BBC Skeletal and Muscles Activity
-It's on animals, but it's interesting for students to compare and contrast with our skeletons!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Fall Links!

Here are some great links that my students are enjoying in the computer lab and on the promethean board!

--This is FANTASTIC!  We go through this on the promethean board and then the students make  a flip book comparing and contrasting the pilgrims life to the Wampanoag's life.  There is also a section with a timeline which is also a great skill to hit.....


--Okay, another seriously fantastic resource.  The students listen to a section about John Smith's travels and after they listen (they CAN'T just click right through---YAHOO!) they get to play a quick game.  This continues several times on different topics from John Smith's point of view. 

John Smith-1.jpg

--Students have to go through a simulation to see if they can survive.  They can ask different people for their opinions and read different material. At the end it will show their results and then give reasons why if something failed.  For example, Your health was poor because you choose to build on a swamp.  There were many mosquitos that spread diseases.   My 5th graders think this is the coolest thing ever ;)  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello again!

Hello! Sorry for the lack (can I even say that considering they've been totally absent?!?) of posts.  I'm not sure how all of you do it!  Now that I'm back into the swing of things, my room is ready, and I have two weeks under my belt, I finally have some time to post ideas again.

Today's idea really isn't for an interactive white board, but is for a computer, and is simply AMAZING!  I feel very strongly about kids knowing their facts (but don't you worry I won't get on my soap box here!).

At  you can set up your class, they each get a four digit code (which I posted right by my classroom computer) and the can also work at home.  They start at addition, then move through subtraction, multiplication, and division, but they only move IF THEY ARE FLUENT!  YAHOO!!  You can bump some kids up if you know they are already fluent too.  You get weekly progress reports, and if the parents sign up (there are printable, easy to use flyers) they get emails too about their kid's progress.

No more mad minute correcting for this girl!  The kids each go once a day during their free time or work time.  So far, they have all been getting through the rotation.  It only takes  few minutes for each students.

Let me know if you like it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm officially addicted to Pinterest.  I had to go ahead and sort all my boards.  One classroom board just wasn't enough!  In case you haven't stumbled upon these great sites, here ya are!  (You'll hate me tonight after you've spent hours looking at these great resources, but I figure, once it saves you a bunch of time this school year, you might be thankful!)

Mrs. Meacham SMARTboard resources:

Harvey's Home Page:

Have fun!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Letter Writing

I think in the land of email, blogging, facebook chat, and texting the importance of letter writing has seemed to slide to the side.  I think it is so, so, SO important to still teach this skill.  Every year in my class we write many letters to friends, relatives, and businesses.  The students love getting a response back.  You should see the first time they try to write on an envelope.  YIKES!  I just loose a little bit of hair that day :)

Anyway here are two online interactives to help students learn a little about letter writing.  After doing these, they had no trouble carrying the knowledge over to using real paper.

BBC Letter Writing

Read Write Think Letter Generator

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